Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

The One World Tour. Series of documentaries, with the intent to discover the real essence of Africa. The
team travelled across 6 African countries, covering different topics, having spectacular experiences, and
always meeting great people. The content created, was used for digital media, in-room entertainment
and two Discovery Channel pilot episodes.

Agency: Jacobson Rost
DIRECTOR: Martin Rodahl
CD: Tom Gorton
DP: Chris Leclerc
EDITOR: Andy Ramsey
CW: Jean Purcell
PRODUCTION: Jonny Cohen & Shona Bradford
MIX: Micheal Mason
B CAM: Mark Van Wijk
SOUND: Sebastian Dunn
AE: Amber Neal
MUSIC (THEME): John Ferreira

Advertising – print, ooh, digital
Collateral material
Art direction