UltiMaker 3D printing leaders Makerbot and Ultimaker joined forces in 2021 with a shared mission…

Dodge Construction Network
Dodge Construction Network Dodge Construction Network, or simply DCN, is one of the biggest resource…

Google RTA/PhG
Google RTA/PhG For the year 2022 and moving forward, with my team at VSA Partners,…

End to End – Dialoghi dal Margine
End to End Dialoghi dal Margine EtE is a project by Tommaso Evangelista in collaboration…

munno Munno is a small neighborhood restaurant in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. It focuses…

Bubble U

Tea shop based in Los Angeles, CA, specialized in bubble tea with various toppings including tapioca (boba).

Royal Enfield

Agency: Jacobson Rost – Chicago, IL.

CD: Janson Straub
AD/Designer: Luca Pontarelli
CW: Raymond Johnson

Exhibited Frequency

Video art show, Exhibited Frequency, in Isernia, Italy. In collaboration with art critic Tommaso Evangelista, and the gallery Cent8anta.


Contemporary collective art show in Isernia, Italy.

Kalahari Wine

Special wine bottle labels based on the Nelson’s family trip to Africa.

Gold winner of the 2015 Davey Awards, under the category Design/Print (Corporate Identity – Other).

Boss Snowplow

Involved in the initial concept to design and production for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 campaigns.
My role consisted of helping in concept development and design contents for products brochures, print ads, video supers, digital ads and retail materials.

CD: Tom Gorton
AD/Designer: Luca Pontarelli
CW: Bryce Wergin

Agency: Jacobson Rost – Chicago, IL.