Google RTA/PhG

For the year 2022 and moving forward, with my team at VSA Partners, we developed strategy, assets and a guideline system to support Google’s retail team.

Between the client and our strategy team, first we identified a series of key moments throughout the year (back to school, graduation, halloween, holiday season…) to focus on and to develop digital assets to keep Google’s Retail Sales Associates passionate and engaged.
Then we developed a guideline system in line with the brand standards guidelines, defining the use of typography, illustration, product photography, color, skin tones, iconography… to be followerd for all the digital assets produced for each moment.
Finally, using illustration and product photography, for each moment we created custom scenes and vignettes representing something that typically would happen at that time of the year, and extending the concept through banners, wallpapers, social posts, custom icons, and other supporting materials.


Agency: VSA Partners, Chicago
Team: Pete Barnett, Emily Gorski, Luca Pontarelli, Susan Pfizer, Amanda Churcil, Tony Riazzi