Kalahari Resort & Convention

Art direction

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions is a family run water park with locations in the US, each of which contains spa, restaurants, meeting centers and much more. The owners are have great passion of African culture and have built the parks with strong references to the continent.

The family has traveled to Africa several times now to get better understanding of the African culture and then bring home what has been learned and lived. Jacobson Rost has been a part of these trips as well, from organizing logistics and itinerary to capturing original photos and videos for the campaigns, documentaries, and printed and digital material to promote the parks.

After the great experience from the first trip, Jacobson Rost wanted to pay tribute to the family with bottles of fine wine that have unique and original packaging. We designed the packaging by contrasting positive and negative space between the white of the label and the color of the wine in the bottle, illustrating some of the adventures experienced, and some of the animals observed.

2015 Davey Awards — Gold Award Winner for the category Corporate Identity/Other

Agency: Jacobson Rost
CW: Jean Purcell

3D Rendering: Fabrizio Bosica